Saturday August 4, 2012

Well, summer is definitely here! Currently it is officially 91 on Vashon and that is very hot in this part of the country where we rarely get into the 80’s and few people have air-conditioning. Thankfully, I do since I have an energy efficient heat pump as my furnace and the serendipitous result is that I also have air-conditioning for those few days when it is needed. My pets are most grateful I know, as am I. It is still a very lazy day and I don’t like having the windows shut. I did water a few boxes, planters, and fountains this morning before it got hot, but otherwise, we’ve stayed quietly indoors. I am working on the revisions for Chapter One, which I’d known from the get-go was one of my weakest. I seemed to gain strength as the novel took over, but in the beginning I was definitely feeling my way. I also cut more fabrics for my next set of quilts. I am doing four different variants on the 6″ square, so it is taking a bit of figuring, but that is fun. And I played online games and napped as well. It is now time to call it a day. Here is my tanka:

chapter one
cutting fabric
playing games