Friday August 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sasha!! She is 17 years old today, against all odds. A true survivor! My day started out well and I even was able to share my morning shower with a gorgeous snail. But on my way to a morning appointment I saw a car ahead of me hit a fawn and then just drive away leaving the poor fawn struggling in the middle of the northbound lane. I stopped and put on my hazard lights and called Leigh, who was working at my home just a few doors away, to see if she could call someone. Another car went past but then the third car stopped opposite me so we were now blocking the entire road and we watched as the doe crossed back over the road (she had crossed just ahead of the fawn) looking on helplessly as her other fawn waited as well. It was a very poignant scene which I wish could have been witnessed (and comprehended) by those who say animals have no feelings. The lady in the other car and I talked for awhile, each of us totally shaken. When I first moved to the island I was warned that whenever I saw one deer to assume there were more, and why the car ahead of me didn’t do that is beyond me. But I know most of us, myself included, forget that we are handling a lethal weapon every time we get behind the wheel, and instead we drive on auto-pilot way too much, thinking about our destination and not focusing on what’s going on around us. Anyway, the lady continued on and I stayed put with my hazard lights blinking until the owner of the house across from the accident came out and he was able to pull the poor fawn to the side of the road. Leigh assured me that someone would be along, and so I continued, heartbroken at the whole thing. The rest of my day chugged along fine, and I ran some errands before returning home to find that Leigh had gotten half of my garage floor painted purple and it is spectacular! But I found I was exhausted and in no mood for anything, and so I spent the afternoon napping and playing games. But it is time to call it a day so here is my tanka:

my miracle cat
Sasha’s 17th birthday
21 months after
a cancer diagnosis
gave her two months

3 thoughts on “Friday August 10, 2012

  1. Happy birthday, Sasha. I don’t know if cats are allowed to have cake but I hope you got some sort of treat today!

    Those poor deer. I hope that the fawn was able to get medical treatment. (Or, if it didn’t make it, that it didn’t have to suffer too much. 😦 )

    I’m not sure if you knew this but I spent most of my childhood in Ohio. They have a serious deer overpopulation there because humans have driven off all of the deer’s natural enemies. One of the first things my parents taught me when I learned how to drive was to be so cautious at dawn, dusk and/or whenever I saw even one deer by the side of the road. People and deer die every year in awful car accidents there.

    So I’m very grateful that you came away from this experience without a scratch.

  2. Sasha was definitely pampered, but then she always is! And the fawn didn’t survive. We too have an overpopulation because humans have messed with things as usual, and yes deer/car accidents are never good for anyone. But this one should never have happened–it was 10AM and visibility was excellent and there were now trees but an open field so the deer could be seen for miles. Further, the driver would have to have seen the mother cross just ahead of the car. Unfortunately, the only conclusion is a driver who wasn’t paying proper attention and the poor fawn paid the price. I still can’t get the picture out of my head, and it was amazing to watch the doe trying to protect the other fawn and get to the injured/dying one as well.

  3. Yes, way to many of us drive too fast, at least at times, and unfortunately humans don’t often think that animals suffer. I did find out, by the way, that Fair Isle used to euthanize them, but then had to put signs on them saying poison to keep people from eating the meat. Now, Dr. Nell told me, she has a list of several guys who will come out and shoot the animal to put it out of its misery and then they claim the meat. Sounds horrible to me, but not much else can be done. Watching the doe try to protect one fawn while helping the other was simply heartbreaking. Plenty of humans don’t show such care of human kids! And yes, Sasha is quite amazing! Thanks for your comment!

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