Sunday August 19, 2012

Today could have been called the day of the poop! Sasha had to have an enema yesterday morning, and by this morning we had poop in more places than I would have thought possible. I changed my bedding for the third time this week and discovered that I hadn’t kept the protective sheets in place last night so that even my pillow and hence my hair got hit. And then Poosa wanted to go outside at 4 this morning and I thought it was just to chase something she had heard since once again we can have the windows open, but in fact she really did have to go out so I got to clean and wash her crate pad as well. I also had to call Dr. Nell to ask about Sasha since she isn’t eating much and is snuffling, and Nell said to put her back on antibiotics. She gave me some hints on pilling and of course I’ve been watching others for over a year now, so I decided to try it before asking Kay to come back. Sasha was so surprised that I got her pilled before she knew it and felt really proud of us both. In addition to all of that, I worked at some extensive revisions on chapter 11 of my novel and got about 1/2 way through it. I also cut the strips I sewed yesterday and then sewed them into squares so now I have the squares done for the other of the small quilts in the set of four I am currently working on. But now it is definitely time to call it a day, especially since tomorrow I have to go off island for a follow-up dermatology appointment and that means negotiating buses and ferries. I’m sure it will be alright, but I will be glad to have it over. Here is my tanka:

doing laundry
dog and cat cleanup
novel revisions
piecing squares
watching anime