Monday August 20, 2012

I have had a long and difficult day, thanks to having to go off island for a recheck at my dermatologist. I took the bus to the ferry and then to another bus and walked two blocks to the doctor’s office. That was about all my feet could manage but I reached to office to find it locked with no sign or explanation. I was early (12:55PM for a 1:30 appointment) but the last time I arrive early I just read in their waiting room. But today, I found out later, there was a staff meeting and so they locked the door. When they finally opened at 1:25 I was in such pain I was nearly in tears and couldn’t move. The receptionist just said “Oops there was supposed to be a sign.” When I saw the doctor I mentioned that I thought they not only should have put up a sign but also placed a chair in the hallway as there wasn’t a single place in the entire building to sit. Anyway, he said I was good for a year, and I thought it will be longer than that before I return. I then of course had to make it back to the bus stop and onto the ferry. By the time I got home I was finished for the day. I’m trying to stay off my poor feet as much as possible and they will get a good soak in the hot tub tonight. I was only gone for 3 hours, but it seemed much longer. Here is my tanka:

kept standing
waiting for 30 minutes
by my doctor’s office
struggling from bus to ferry
pointless effort

3 thoughts on “Monday August 20, 2012

  1. And I know they don’t expect people to be using public transport (I couldn’t just go sit in my car) or be early (again, public transport schedules) or be unable to walk an extra two blocks to a coffee place, but there it is. I have spent the whole day today reading with my feet up. Take care! Hugs!

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