Wednesday August 22, 2012

I am still having trouble standing so I was really glad that my bridge class was small today because of a tournament in the area. There were only three students and so we played hands instead of my “lecturing” and I was able to be seated for the entire time. Then I went to my therapy appointment and got home in time to get ready for the weekly vet visit. Sasha isn’t eating much and is very lethargic and Dr. Nell said she hadn’t seen her nose as stuffy as it is now, so we’re switching antibiotics with the hope that it will help her out. Nell even went to the pharmacy to pick up the new meds and then stopped back on her way home to give Sasha her first dose. Only time will tell. I finally managed to get the two foot long sticker off the inside of my sauna–why they make such an obnoxious thing is beyond me, but it is gone now, thankfully. It is definitely time to call it a day. Here is my tanka:

teaching, therapy,
and vet visit
cat’s upper respiratory
infection worsens
new antibiotic