Friday August 24, 2012

I can’t really write much. Sasha worsened a lot over the last two days and tonight, Dr. Nell, Kay, and I helped her into her next adventure. Dr. Nell did an autopsy and discovered that her cancer had spread to her pancreas and ilium. Anyway, the house feels incredibly empty and we are all at loose ends, but I am glad she is no longer suffering. She taught us all a lot. Here is my tanka:

difficult day
Sasha’s last
Dr. Nell, Kay, and I
see her on her way
empty home

6 thoughts on “Friday August 24, 2012

  1. Daphne,
    It is so hard to loose those things we love. May Sasha’s memories be for blessings.
    There are no words… just prayers to ease comfort back into your days. Hugs, hugs, and more hugs. ~ ❤ Jules

  2. Thanks, Lydia, and I too love the idea of the Rainbow Bridge although I hadn’t thought of it right now and appreciate your link. It is really tough at the moment but I am glad that she isn’t in pain or suffering. She did have a long and very happy life and we miss her deeply.

  3. Thank you Jules and you are right–there aren’t words and the hole is so big at the moment. But I’m surrounded by the other five and we are comforting each other. Thank you for your hugs.

  4. Thanks, Lydia. Knowing you are thinking of us helps. So much has changed, not only the tremendous loss of Sasha, but the entire extensive Sasha routine including my friend Kay stopping by twice a day. I just feel empty and alone and unable to think what to do. Decided to try to do a Harry Potter weekend dvd marathon, esp. since I haven’t yet seen the last movie, with hopes of staying distracted. All of the other pets are acting strangely as well. But I know Sasha is now at peace and she sure made a big positive difference in a lot of lives and not many of us can say that. Thanks again.

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