Tuesday August 28, 2012

I worked on two more chapters of my novel and then finished making the squares for my next four quilts. I went out briefly to run a few errands. I’d ordered a 16×20 print of a photo of Sasha and it arrived today so I took it to Frame of Mind for framing. Then I stopped at the copy shop to order more business cards since school starts next week and I only have 3 cards left. I also said hi to Anja at Island Quilter as she was leaving today for a well-deserved break. I guess that brief errand trip was good as it was about all I could handle but I have to teach my bridge class tomorrow and need to try to get used to going out. This afternoon a lady from the Vashon Chamber of Commerce took photos of my home for some color contest. My home is one of many photos of color on Vashon and we will find out later on in September if Vashon wins. It is sure nice to be living somewhere where my purple home is seen as an asset! I laid out all four of the quilts I am now working on, so I am ready to assemble the tops. I also watched the last two of the Harry Potter movies and I have enjoyed my Harry Potter marathon. Time to call it a day. Here is my tanka:

the last squares
four quilt tops
laid out
a few errands