Wednesday August 29, 2012

It has been a long day. I tutored one of my students for nearly 2 hours today in chemistry. He brought me two big bags of homemade kale chips! Then I taught my bridge class and saw my therapist before heading home to prep for Dr. Nell’s vet visit. Today it was Chauncey’s teeth that was the main item on the agenda and he was very good and patient, much more so than I would have been. All the dogs are itchy so Nell checked them out and found a few spots in need of treatment. And it was time to do a senior feline blood screen on Thackeray who was no where near as nice about having his blood drawn as Sasha always was. But he didn’t squirm too badly, just yowled at the top of his lungs. Starting next week, the vet visits will happen every other week for Poosa’s acupuncture. But now it is time to call it a day. Here is my tanka:

kale chips
baked by
my student
teaching bridge
therapy appointment