Saturday September 8, 2012

I have spent the bulk of the day working on my novel and I have gotten through all the editing comments, and I printed out the current version. I now have some major decisions to make and at least another pass through the entire novel before I send it off for probably another editing round. Who knew that writing was so much work! Kay stopped by to check on Chauncey’s eye and she doesn’t think it is any worse and may possibly be a little better. At the end of the day I managed a little bit of piecing on another quilt top. And I am pleased to report that my little tree frog is still greeting me each morning for my hot tub soak–it has been two weeks since I lost my sweet Sasha and the next day the tree frog appeared. But now it is time to call it a day. Here is my tanka:

novel revisions
chapter by chapter
a little piecing
of a quilt top
quiet day