Thursday September 27, 2012

I am glad that my work week has come to an end. It was a good week, if challenging at times, but I am tired and really not coping terribly well with the busier schedule. Seasonal changes are also tough I find, but hopefully it will all sort itself out eventually. I did manage to finish quilting the fourth quilt in the current set, so now they only need to be squared and bound. I am hoping to have them completed by the end of the weekend. In addition to Student Link, I also had a student to tutor and I picked up 6 cases each of canned green beans and canned pumpkin for the dogs as well as 4 cases of different flavors of Amy’s frozen dinners for me, so that has us all well stocked. My student brought me fresh corn on the cob and some tomatoes and some fruit so that will be tonight’s dinner! Time to call it a day.

week ends
in exhaustion
fourth quilt top
student tutored