Saturday September 29, 2012

I have had a nice day. The biggest news is that Kay brought us a cat to foster and see if she will fit into our family so we can adopt her. She is a mostly white calico and very lovely and I have named her Calliope. At the moment she is a bit shy, but she is friendly and I am hoping that when she gets used to three dogs and when Thackeray and Laoise decide she is fine, we can adopt her. I think she is wonderful! Gary came over and solved a few of my minor electrical problems and we are trouble shooting another. After that, I squared all four quilts in this set and I also cut the bindings and sewed them so maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to finish them. But not now. The day has ended and time to feed us all.

a new cat
checking out
our family
four quilts squared
binding cut and sewed