Saturday September 29, 2012

I have had a nice day. The biggest news is that Kay brought us a cat to foster and see if she will fit into our family so we can adopt her. She is a mostly white calico and very lovely and I have named her Calliope. At the moment she is a bit shy, but she is friendly and I am hoping that when she gets used to three dogs and when Thackeray and Laoise decide she is fine, we can adopt her. I think she is wonderful! Gary came over and solved a few of my minor electrical problems and we are trouble shooting another. After that, I squared all four quilts in this set and I also cut the bindings and sewed them so maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to finish them. But not now. The day has ended and time to feed us all.

a new cat
checking out
our family
four quilts squared
binding cut and sewed

2 thoughts on “Saturday September 29, 2012

  1. How exciting! I hope Thackeray and Laoise like Calliope.

    This might be a dumb question but what exactly is the process for adopting a cat? Would you just call Kay to tell her that Calliope has a permanent home or do you actually have to fill out paperwork and stuff?

    I know here in Toronto our animal shelters are a little picky about who is allowed to adopt pets. I think you have to already have a family veterinarian, possibly give a few personal references and answer some questions about how you plan to look after your new dog or cat. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks Lydia and it isn’t a dumb question at all. Vashon Island Pet Protectors has a rigorous application process including home visit and references, etc. In this case I think it will probably be just calling Kay and sending in a check, simply because I am so well known to VIPP. I adopted Oliver from them at my vet’s recommendation (well insistence) and I have been donating heavily to VIPP because of Kay’s generous volunteering to come twice/day for nearly a year for Sasha so she knows our whole family very well. So as long as Calliope likes us as well as I like her and as long as the others in my fur family like her, she’s ours!

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