Monday October 1, 2012

I have had a lovely day starting on my next quilt, a new one for my bed. I will alternate 9″ solid squares with 9″ nine-patch squares. I have cut all the strips to make the nine-patch squares and I have begun sewing them together. Calliope continues to enjoy settling in to her new home and I am so happy to have her. Lance and the yard crew were here today as well and things are looking really good, but where is the rain? Our weather has cooled and the days are shorter, but things which haven’t needed to be watered for 40 years are dying. I am so glad to have a sprinkler system, but I am more than ready to turn it off for the season, but not yet for sure. Time to call it a day.

cutting fabric
sewing strips
a new quilt begun
watching anime
sun sets

2 thoughts on “Monday October 1, 2012

  1. It’s wonderful to find another lesbian quilter! I’m from Wisconsin and have been quilting for 20+ years. I started with applique and more recently am exploring pieced quilts. I’m wondering if you are hearing from other lesbian quilters?

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I don’t actually hear from a lot of quilters, lesbian or otherwise. I’ve been quilting for 3 1/2 yrs and do machine piecing quilts. Have a lovely day!

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