Saturday October 6, 2012

I have had a day of mixed activities. There is a Facebook page for the high school freshman who died on Thursday (Dear Palmer) and I have been reading all the very touching letters. The outpouring of island support is tremendous, and this young man obviously touched a lot of lives, not only those who knew him, but those who didn’t and who, like me, sadly are only learning about him after he is gone. I also finished sewing and pressing all the strips for my bed quilt. Next, I will cut the sewed strips into 3 1/2″ strips and resew them into 9″ nine patches. I hope to get much of that done tomorrow. Jeromy stopped by this afternoon and finished the cat portal in the yellow closet door. It is a lovely pink framed box which Calliope will really enjoy using. In the mail today I received a lovely art package thank you note from Josie. Eric and Kelly had been saving a lot of her art and I will treasure her work. One of the birthday presents I sent for her was her own sleeping bag that she can use when they head down to Eugene for the Ducks football games and the sleeping bag arrived early. Josie’s 4th birthday is next Friday, the 12th. I’ve also arranged for some arts and crafts fun stuff to arrive later this week as Eric let me know that she really enjoys that sort of thing. It is now time to call it a day.

sewing and
quilt strips
cat portal

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