Tuesday October 9, 2012

I volunteered at Student Link this morning, helping a couple students with geometry and catching up on paperwork. It was very quiet at the high school today. The freshman who died last Thursday was buried today and many students were attending the services. Many are still reeling from the impact of his suicide. After Student Link, I came home and rearranged my bedroom to accomodate a third crate–this one for Chauncey. He seems to be suffering from an old age anxiety complex which causes him to go “woof” for much of the night. Dr. Nell suggested either a benedryl, which did help, or crating, which seemed preferable to drugs if he liked it (given that he is now 13 years old and never crated). I had an extra crate which I’ve tried out the last couple nights and he really seemed to do well with it, so I made the arrangement permanent today and now have three matching blue crates in my bedroom. It does make for a more peaceful night with all three dogs crated. After that I tutored a student, so I am now ready to call it a day.

tutoring geometry
doing paperwork
my bedroom
third dog crate