Saturday October 13, 2012

After the driest August ever and the second longest dry spell since records have been kept (47 days without rain!), we finally got rain today and oh, it was wonderful. Hopefully it will continue! I have had a very enjoyable day. First I wrote a prologue to my novel as my solution to some comments from my editor. It makes my fantasy world more detailed and I do like it. Of course I will have to revise it over the next few days, but at least I have the basics done. Then I pieced two more rows for my bed quilt and sewed them on so my top is now 5/12ths pieced. And finally, I sewed a pair of flannel pajama bottoms using the penguin flannel I found yesterday at Island Quilter. I am definitely ready to call it a day.

two more rows
pieced on new quilt top
2376 words in the prologue
for my novel
flannel pajama pants