Saturday October 20, 2012

I have gotten a lot accomplished today but it is late. I laid out my new bed quilt and please don’t ever let me make a quilt this big again! I had to lay it out on the floor which is definitely not a place I get to easily. And I don’t think I got it laid out as well as I might have with a smaller quilt. I also went through my latest draft of my novel and I am darned close to finishing the revisions. With any luck by Monday I will have it back at CreateSpace for them to make the proof copy! I went to see one of my students in an island production of Grease. When I came home I managed to quilt the lower half of my quilt and again, it is definitely too hard physically and my arms are very sore. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to finish the quilting and move on to the binding. But enough for tonight.

quilt laid out
nearly finished
my novel revisions
watching a student in Grease
quilt half quilted