Tuesday October 23, 2012

I woke up this morning about 5AM with a horrible pain just under my left breast. I was afraid it was a heart attack but when I was still alive 4 hrs. later, figured it must be muscular. After volunteering very carefully at Student Link, I saw my doctor who told me I had costochondritis, a torn cartilage where the ribs are attached to the sternum. It is very painful, and even more so thanks to my fibromyalgia, which she also told me has worsened noticeably since she saw me last in June. She also took blood to check my thyroid since I have frequent chills. So now I am supposed to be very careful. No laughing, coughing, sneezing, or deep breathing! I’m on ibuprofen and a roll-on castor oil anti-inflammatory, and apparently it will take 2-3 weeks to heal! After I got home I tutored a student and now I am definitely calling it a day!

a doctor’s appointment
a quilting injury
torn cartilage

3 thoughts on “Tuesday October 23, 2012

  1. I agree with Kathy – please call for help if something like this happens again! You have a lot of people out there who care about you and would be so sad if something bad happened to you.

    With that being said, I’m sorry you’re in pain and I hope you heal quickly. A friend of mine once broke a rib during a coughing fit. He had a cold and I guess he coughed too hard or something. It’s strange how bodies work sometimes and how easily they can be injured.

    Very gentle hugs!


  2. I thank you for your kind words and truly I only thought it was my heart briefly when I woke up alone (well if you don’t count the 3 cats on my bed and 3 crated dogs) at 5AM in severe pain! But I quickly figured out that it wasn’t likely to be my heart as I had no other symptoms and it felt more muscular and external. So I waited the 4 hrs till my doctor’s office opened to make my appointment. And yes, we think I did it quilting my big quilt, and tell Loyd that he is right–it is extremely painful and I am not planning to do it two more times! Glad you will have Wed. off soon! They don’t really work well for me, but with the vet visits being every other week they are improving. Oh, and I have debated meds like the Lyrica, but I am not willing to suffer the side effects, esp. the loss of creativity now that I have finally figured out that creativity is one of my fundamental core elements. But I am glad that it has helped your daughter. Meanwhile, I’ll have to check out your FB page! You could have sales and stuff posted, or new items or other things I’m sure Lisa will think of! And of course your letter made a huge impact–that’s what words do, written or spoken, and your words in your letter were heartfelt, extremely well thought out, and I’m sure resonated with a lot of folks. I look forward to getting my own personal copy (signed of course!) Hugs back!

  3. How super that you have been asked onto the trade show speaking circuit and I sure hope you have accepted since I think it would be so great for you on so many levels! You are super!! Hugs!

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