Tuesday October 30, 2012

I worked hard at Student Link, first cataloguing books and then marking math which I had to finish at home. I also proctored two geometry tests. I came home to meet with another student. She and her boyfriend picked out fabric for a quilt for their month old daughter. After that I called my phone company to see about adding satellite tv. I haven’t had real tv for nearly two years and mostly don’t miss it, but I would have liked to have been able to get better coverage of Hurricane Sandy. The tech came out this evening and it turns out that I can’t have it because as beautiful as our island is, it is too forested for good reception. So at least I know. One day maybe internet tv will be more current. Until then, I will stick with what I have. I finished the quilt for my friend to give her daughter at the holidays, so I have nothing on my plate that has a time frame, except of course for my next novel which I will write during November! But not tonight, for sure!

lots of math
to correct
a quilt bound
fabric picked for
a baby quilt

One thought on “Tuesday October 30, 2012

  1. I did have satellite before the roof was replaced, but I haven’t had anything for nearly two years during which time Century Link has switched from Dish to DirectTV and there is no reception for me because of all the trees. I suspect I could go back to Dish, but if I haven’t missed it for two years, I probably don’t really need it. And yes, my students keep me very busy! Hugs!

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