Thursday November 1, 2012

Well, it is now November, and that means National Novel Writing Month! I wrote about 600 words before going to Student Link, and then when I came home I wrote the rest, finishing 1701 words just as my first student arrived for tutoring. I had two students in the afternoon and so it has been a very busy day. I think it is going to be a bigger challenge to write my novel this year because I have nowhere near the energy I had last year, but I really want to do this. I am hoping I can do a lot over the weekends to make up for any days I might have to miss or days where I fall short of the 1667 words/day goal. Only time will tell, but I’m definitely done for today! I have a widget on the left side of this blog where you can follow my progress.

first day of
1701 words written
two students tutored
paperwork completed

3 thoughts on “Thursday November 1, 2012

  1. Best of luck here. I’m doing a Poem a Day challenge – not sure if it is just a November thing. I’m also still doing a ‘stone’ a day too.
    Cheers, Jules
    (Oh, while there was much ado about Sandy and many did and still do have issues, we were lucky to escape power outages and flooding.)

  2. So glad you escaped the horrors of Sandy! Meanwhile, there do seem to be a lot of special months. NaNoWriMo (Novel) is in its 13th year, I think. I participated in NaPoWriMo (poetry) in April. And then there is NaHaiWriMo (Haiku) which started in February 2011 (shortest month for shortest poetry form) but has kept going ever since, although February is the busiest. And then I saw yesterday that November is also NaBloWriMo (Blogs) so I guess there are a lot of challenges! Enjoy yours and I too also do a stone each day!

  3. No, after nearly 2 years I stopped the 750 words/day. But November is still a fine time to visit–just give a call ahead of time. I am hoping to write 2 hrs/day on my weekends and then not sure how much on Tu-Th, but it takes about an hour to do the 1660 word daily minimum and if I get ahead on the weekends, then I’ll be able to skip a day now and again. Last week I finished my novel on the 20th. Hugs back!

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