Saturday November 10, 2012

Writing, writing, and more writing. I started about 9:30 this morning after getting us all fed, sauna-ed, hot tub-ed, and showered. And I finished at about 4PM with only a couple short breaks. It was my best day so far. I wrote three chapters for a total of 8518 words. My current total is 44,916, so another day should have me easily past 50,000 and I will have met the NaNoWriMo challenge. I’m not sure how much longer than that my novel will be as I still have at least seven chapters, or so it would appear at this moment in time. Anyway, one of my breaks was taken to wash my new bed quilt and I also decided that I might as well change the sheets as well. I hadn’t planned on doing that until my novel was finished, but Laoise had other ideas as she coughed a fur ball on the quilt this afternoon. But all is fine now and I will have clean sheets tonight. I am tired and it is time to call it a day.

three chapters
writing, writing, writing
best day to date
8518 words today
current total 44916 words

One thought on “Saturday November 10, 2012

  1. Yes, thanks, it is going very well and I am enjoying it a lot. My first book is nearly ready. The proof copy should be shipped in the next few days, and then once I approve it (or send it back for changes, wait for a proof copy, and approve that, etc) it will be published.

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