Monday November 12, 2012

My novel is finished!! Well, the first draft! I have written at least three hours every day this month and on the weekends, up to six hours a day. I have put everything else, chores, quilting, weaving, on hold and it has been worth it! The word count for this draft is 57,427 words. I’m really pleased with how it has ended. I have it all printed out and I will start revisions once my first novel is published. I should be getting my proof copy of that within a week or so, and once I have that one done, I’ll move into the next. But for now, I am done! I also saw my doctor today and she took more blood to recheck my thyroid. That’s it for now.

writing my novel’s
final three chapters
doctor’s appointment
hot tub serviced
weather warms

3 thoughts on “Monday November 12, 2012

  1. The proof of my first novel arrived today and it is so awesome to see it as a real book! There are a few corrections that need to be made, and then another proof which should come in about two weeks and then it should be ready to read!! Cynthia read 11 22 63 and really liked it. I’m still reading fantasy novels, right now, The College of Magics.

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