Monday November 19, 2012

The rain is the big story here, as in record-breaking hard rains. We had 2.5″ yesterday (well 9AM on the Sunday till 9AM this morning) and today has been worse by far. It is rather scary especially since there are some steep slopes in my yard and my neighbor’s yard slide down into my ravine once several years ago and the neighbor yelled at me and threatened law suits and all sorts of scary things even though water does not go uphill. Anyway, we have all worked at stabilizing the banks over the last few years but rains like this trigger all sorts of fears and my backyard has a number of new lakes in it. The Seattle P-I says it is a record-breaking storm with more to come. Anyway, I’ve started work on another book, this time a book of my haiku. And Anja came over to take measurements for the cabinet with an ironing surface on top. She was going to get the lumber, but the rain stopped that idea. I have spent a lot of the afternoon reading, trying to ignore the pounding noise of the rain, snuggled in my recliner with Calliope. Much of the island lost power this afternoon for a few hours, but thankfully mine hasn’t gone out, at least not yet. Winds and rain frequently mean power outages. Enough for now.

my haiku
for a book
alarming rains

6 thoughts on “Monday November 19, 2012

  1. Thanks, Lydia. Thankfully the rain has let up for the moment although I gather we are in for another storm in a few hours and things will keep up like this through the entire Thanksgiving (US) weekend. Normally I like rain, but this afternoon’s was so loud it was frightening. Thanks again!

  2. It is my turn now to wish you safety in the storm. I’ve been looking at the headline news and can only imagine that being on the island things might actually be a little bit tougher.
    I hope you are able to have a joyous Thanksgiving. Cheers, Jules

  3. Thanks, Jules! It has been a wild ride. My phone is out but my dsl is good (Internet) and it is all phone lines–go figure, but I’m glad to have the internet! And yes, being on an island does add to the complexities of any such situation. At the same time, folks seem more willing to help each other because we are all in the same boat, or should I say island. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  4. Hi Lydia,
    Thanks again and today does seem a good bit easier with the horrible sky-dumping downpours spaced out with sun breaks in between. I used to like thunderstorms more, but being on a rural island gives a whole new meaning to any storms. However, I do think that flooding is the worst!

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