Friday November 30, 2012

The second proof copy of my novel Dragon Riders arrived this morning and it was super so I have approved it and the novel is now officially published. I have ordered up a slew of copies to give to friends and they are to arrive next Friday! I am very excited! Today marks the end of National Novel Writing Month and it seems a fitting day that my first novel, written during last year’s NaNoWriMo, should be published today. I don’t think it will take as long to get my second novel published now that I’ve figured out how to do it, but I won’t start the revisions for a bit to let it all settle. I went to my therapy appointment and then had a student to tutor this afternoon. But I plan to stay quiet over the weekend. My therapist has convinced me that my job is high stress and very draining and that I truly need the weekends as down time to recharge my batteries, and I know she is right. I started the week with a lot more energy and I am now definitely drained. The rain has returned again with a vengeance, so cuddling with my fur friends over a good book seems just the ticket.

my first novel
published today
tutoring a student
therapy appointment
heavy rains return