Saturday December 1, 2012

I have had a lovely day puttering around the house and reading. I finished the third Robin Hobb’s novel in the Rain Wilds series only to find out that it isn’t the last but merely the latest, so lots of stuff still left hanging! I hope she writes fast! I also found my novel’s page on Amazon for my novel Dragon Riders! It seems incredible to me, but there it is. And for any of you good friends who happen to live on Vashon, don’t go out and buy it! I have my author’s copies coming on Friday, which I will be signing and giving to lots of you! For my internet friends, wish I could hand you a copy as well! If I had snail mail addresses, I would be happy to send one your way. Time now to call it a day.

my novel
on Amazon
author’s copies
given out soon

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