Wednesday December 5, 2012

It has been a very busy day. I worked at Student Link, marking papers and helping students. Then I started delivering my books. My bridge class was very pleased by their copies, which was gratifying. Afterwards I went to my therapy appointment and got home just in time for Chauncey’s vet appointment. He had to have the sore on his leg biopsied and it was a very interesting process to watch. Chauncey was sedated and then given a local which he didn’t like at all. But once he was all numbed up he was fine. Dr. Nell said that the skin looked very odd, so we were both glad we decided to try the biopsy. We will hopefully get his results on Friday. But it is definitely time to call it a day.

working at
Student Link
giving away
copies of my book
Chauncey’s biopsy

One thought on “Wednesday December 5, 2012

  1. Wandering around while others work seems a very good plan to me. And I am glad that the hot tub is getting closer. I will be so happy when you have that to soak in! Chauncey has a sore on his upper left rear leg which is rather ulcerated so Nell took a piece to biopsy. Hopefully it is nothing major. Thanks for asking. Hugs back!

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