Thursday December 6, 2012

Thankfully the work week has ended. I tutored a lot of students at Student Link and then ran a brief errand on the way home. I found out that canned green beans are becoming obsolete. The dogs will just have to be satisfied with canned pumpkin. I had four students to tutor today, and by day’s end three of them put up my holiday lights, which was just wonderful of them. I couldn’t have done it myself this year and so I was very happy when they volunteered. I have the books that I am mailing all ready to send out, so tomorrow, after therapy, I will deliver some more local ones and mail the four I am shipping. But not now. The day has ended.

running errands
my students
string holiday lights
front and back

One thought on “Thursday December 6, 2012

  1. I’ll let you know about the green beans. Apparently more people by frozen and so it isn’t profitable enough to can them, at least for the organic company that I was getting them from. Minglement is going to try a few other options, and I am not all out yet. As you can tell from today’s post, Chauncey’s results were excellent. It was great seeing you today! Stay warm! Hugs!

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