Friday December 7, 2012

I have had a busy day. I went to therapy this morning and then took copies of my book around to the library first, where it will join other Vashon author’s books in a special section. I mailed copies out to four friends and then stopped by Kathy’s Corner to give her her copy. I came home to find a voice message from our vet and Chauncey’s biopsy was super clean. He just has an ulcerated sore and apparently Dr. Nell got most of it cut out so the pathologist said it should heal without difficulties, which is excellent news. Yesterday was Chauncey’s fourteenth birthday. I also found an e-mail with a lunch invitation from Anja, so I headed back out to have lunch with her. I came home and put up a couple strings of lights, this time without falling as I did yesterday, which made it better. I answered a lovely e-mail from my son, Eric, and a delightful text from my daughter, Pamela, and now it is time to call it a day.

therapy appointment
sending out more books
lunch with a friend
Chauncey’s biopsy
great news

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