Saturday December 8, 2012

I have had a very pleasant day. I was so inspired by the lights my students put up for me that I looked in the garage for the rest of my holiday stuff and I found a few more sets of lights which I put up as well as my cheesy candy canes, which I think are really fun! Then I hung my Santa mural on the side of the garage facing my home. I discovered I have moles in my yard, which I love, but I hadn’t seen the hills until I tried to position a ladder to put up the Santa mural. It was hard to find solid ground, but eventually I got it up and straight (it is made up of 6 separate panels which line up in two rows to make the mural). But I was happy to know that I have moles. I used to see their hills in my lawn but nothing this year. Now I know where they have gone. Once I was done with the outside, I brought a couple boxes of decorations inside, but took a break in an effort to be more sensible. I had a nice lunch and then sat in my recliner reading for much of the afternoon. But I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to finish and I put up my small tree, and a group of three smaller turquoise trees, and then some indoor lights which I wrapped around the posts on the cat furniture (with Calliope’s help!) and it looks cool! The only thing left is my inflatable gingerbread girl, but I won’t pump her up until just before Josie arrives so she gets to play with it before the cats get it! But it is late and time to call it a day.

more lights
indoor and out
a holiday tree
santa flies
across my garage