Monday December 10, 2012

The day started with Drew arriving to do my hot tub monthly service. Then Gary came and he did a bunch of little things along with putting up another 12′ of track lighting, this time in my sewing/piano area so that when I set up for tutoring we will have much better light. We have been sitting in a lot of shadows with lousy light, so this will be much nicer. We had to shift lights from the other tracks to use for now as the actual lights have to be custom made, but it is much better and it will be really nice once the other eight lights arrive. While Gary was doing all that, I signed another six books, wrote notes, put them in envelopes and got them ready to mail and then later in the afternoon I took them to the post office. I was really lucky, arriving just ahead of a crowd, so I got in and out very quickly. I came home and put up a bunch of holiday lights inside around the windows and over the kitchen cabinets and things look very festive. I also ordered gifts for Josie, my granddaughter. It is now time to call it a day.

new track lighting
no more shadows
during tutoring
more holiday lights
can there be too many