Monday December 17, 2012

We had a very noisy windstorm last night which left me with small branches on the driveway and yard, but thankfully no damage. Part of the island did lose power, but not my part of the island. The winds have dropped slightly throughout the day, and so has the temperature. The forecast calls for snow tonight and/or tomorrow, but as cold as it feels, it is still above freezing and so even if we get snow it won’t last. Meanwhile, I have spent the day quietly wrapping some presents for shipping, writing some e-mails, playing the piano, and reading. It has been very nice indeed.

strong winds
lesson slightly
as temperatures drop
snow in the forecast
reading with fur friends

One thought on “Monday December 17, 2012

  1. I play mostly classical, but am branching out and trying to play a couple holiday songs from John Denver and the Muppets (The Peace Carol and When the River Meets the Sea). And Lance got most of the worst of the sticks picked up yesterday, so I’m in good shape at the moment. Happy Anniversary!!

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