Saturday December 22, 2012

I have spent the day puttering around the house and I’ve made a good start on wrapping the gifts for Eric, Kelly, and Josie. They look nice under my tree. Dr. Dana came out this afternoon to look at both Thackeray and Calliope. Thackeray has bad conjunctivitis in his left eye and will need eye drops three times a day. Calliope has a high fever and Dr. Dana took both blood and urine and then gave her a 2 week antibiotic shot. We all agreed that if we have to change meds and do a pill or liquid I’ll need to get Kay back to help. I’m to call Fair Isle on Monday for results and to let them know how Calliope is doing. That’s it for now.

two sick cats
an undiagnosed fever
blood and urine taken
eye drops and a shot