Sunday December 23, 2012

I finished the last of the wrapping this morning and talked with Anja on the phone which was nice even if she has a really bad cold. I then spent the afternoon reading. I am enjoying Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. When evening came I realized that my front yard lights hadn’t come on. The GFCI kept tripping so I went out in the dark and the rain to try to solve the issue and I finally ran a couple extension cords to an outlet without a GFCI. I discovered that it is a lot harder to lose the lights after I had them than not having them in the first place, especially since I really really want Josie to see them tomorrow even if she will only see them in the daylight, but still they do look nice on cloudy days although tomorrow is supposed to be sunny. Anyway, the lights are still on and my pink and purple extension cords are colorful. Thackeray’s eye seems some better and I am managing to get the eye drops in reasonably well. I’m not as sure about Calliope. She did eat a bit better this morning and she has watched me from her bench a bit more today even though she hasn’t moved around. I will be calling first thing tomorrow for her lab results. Anyway, enough for tonight.

the wrapping
talking on the phone
with a friend
watching holiday movies