Monday December 24, 2012

It has been an absolutely fantastic day! I started by calling the vet to get Calliope’s lab results and it turns out her results are wonderful so Dr. Alan thinks she has some kind of virus so he sent a vet tech out to give her fluids and a couple meds. The tech came right after Eric and family arrived, but it all worked out really well and by afternoon Calliope seemed much improved. Meanwhile, Eric, Kelly, and Josie arrived at 10AM and we visited and opened a couple presents before heading out to lunch. After lunch we stopped in at Island Quilter to see the quilt exhibit and Kelly especially really enjoyed it. We came home and Josie helped everyone to open their presents. Eric and Kelly assembled the tree fort that I gave Josie and Josie and I played with it for the rest of the afternoon. Josie also made me some pictures using the stencil set I gave her. It was a wonderful afternoon! I am absolutely exhausted but very happy. Josie wanted to come back on Saturday and I let her know she was welcome anytime. I think everybody had a fantastic time. Time to call it a day.

holiday visit
with son and family
playing with my
four year old granddaughter
a wonderful day

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