Tuesday December 25, 2012

I have had a lovely quiet day. After sleeping in, I started a holiday movie marathon. I began with all my versions of A Christmas Carol, from Reginald Owen’s 1938 version, through The Muppets, and then Patrick Stewart’s. And I have now moved on to Whoopi Goldberg’s Call Me Claus. While watching them, I worked on the computer, and was thrilled to find a lovely e-mail from my younger sister, Stephanie. We even wrote back and forth a few times and it was like a family Christmas! I also posted photos from yesterday on both Google and Facebook, and I hope one of these links works for you. In addition, I watched the videos of Josie on the CD Eric and Kelly gave me yesterday and I posted one of them on Facebook. All my posts are public so I hope you can view them if you are interested. Happy Holidays to everyone.

sleeping in
multiple versions
of A Christmas Carol
sister’s e-mails