Friday December 28, 2012

My day started out very early (for me) at 6AM as I had to be ready to leave by 8:15 to take Calliope up to Fair Isle for X-rays. Dr. Nell found nothing wrong with her front legs, thankfully. Her paws did look at bit red so maybe that is why she has been favoring them. But Nell did think that Calliope’s bronchial tubes were enlarged indicating possible asthma. Calliope and I returned home to await the radiologist’s report. I had enough time before my therapy appointment to put hooks into the back of the lovely mirror Josie made for me for Christmas, string the wire, find a stud, pound a hook in the wall, and finally hang the lovely mirror. Then after my therapy appointment I stopped in at the market and when I got home I found a message from Dr. Nell that Calliope could have either asthma or deep lung bronchitis and since Calliope had had a high fever last week, Nell thought the bronchitis to be the most likely. One of the vet techs stopped by around 4PM to show me how to do the two medications Calliope will now need for 14 days, an oral antibiotic and an inhaler, and if you have never used an inhaler on a cat, let me tell you, it is an interesting experience. I think it is possible I can do the oral medication but I’m not sure I can do the inhaler by myself. If not, I’ll ask Kay to help again. Eric sent me a drawing Josie had done on an Android program which was lovely to receive, and Pamela played another game of Letterpress with me, so that made for a nice afternoon. I also got the backs sewed for the two quilt tops I have finished and they now are both pinned. I am hoping to do the quilting tomorrow and maybe the binding as well. My calendar is completely empty until next Wednesday morning and I am thrilled with that.

early morning
vet appointment
therapy and errands
sewing quilt backs
two quilts pinned

2 thoughts on “Friday December 28, 2012

  1. Poor Calliope! I hope she feels better soon.

    I’ve never tried to give a cat an inhaler but I’ve used one on myself. They take some coordination even when the individual receiving the medicine is fully cooperating! It must be even trickier when you’re treating a cat who doesn’t understand what’s happening. I hope you’re able to get some help with her.

    What is Letterpress?

  2. Thanks, Lydia. Our vet had me wait on the inhaler (which is a regular inhaler with a cylinder attached and a cup on the other end that is to go over the cat’s mouth and be held for at least 7 breaths–fun, huh!) to see if the antibiotic is enough as that would help us know whether it is asthma or bronchitis, and she seems better today so I’m hoping it is bronchitis (less complicated meds!). But she was very vocal today and it was good to hear her again!

    Letterpress is a word game in the Apple Game Center and it is a bit like Othello, if you’ve played that, where you keep flipping your opponent’s tiles. Here if you use a letter that you opponent used, you end up getting the points and your opponent looses those points. I’m not keen on that aspect as I don’t like taking stuff, but it is fun to see what kind of words you can make out of a grid of random letters and the letters you use don’t have to be touching or anything. Once every letter has been used at least once the game is over. I haven’t found it on any other platforms, but it is fun. First time I’ve used the Game Center.

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