Saturday December 29, 2012

It doesn’t feel as if it is Saturday. Of course the days tend to get mixed up in my mind when school is out, but I also had to run into town today, something I don’t normally do on the weekends, so it seems even less like a Saturday. But Dr. Nell decided that we really should help Oliver out with an anti-anxiety drug and she found one with no side effects (except possibly making the pet more affectionate, but I hardly call that a bad thing). I was able to pick it up today and we are now trying it out. And Calliope was more active today and more vocal and that was a most welcome change. Hopefully that means that the new antibiotic is working and that she “just” has bronchitis (rather than asthma). Otherwise, I quilted today and now both the quilts I am working on are quilted and squared and only need to be bound, which I hope to do tomorrow. I cut the binding today as well.

running errands
and squaring
two quilts
internet games