Wednesday January 9, 2013

I tutored at Student Link and I think I need to re-design my log of student work as it is now done chronologically but it is too hard to track an individual student. I may need to keep it both ways, chronologically and by student, but I’m not sure. Wish I knew more about such things. Anyway, I came home and had lunch before heading off to teach my bridge class followed by my therapy appointment. I came home and loaned a crate to Cynthia for her new puppy, a sheltie. Then Dr. Nell came over for a vet visit and the cats are doing fine, but poor Oliver has a staph infection on his face from eye issues. Poosa and Chauncey are thankfully doing fine. Time now to call it a day.

tutoring math
teaching bridge
therapy appointment
vet visit
nearly 2.5” of rain