Monday January 14, 2013

I worked hard on laying out my book of haiku. I have one out of twelve illustrations (one for each month) and all 366 poems laid out. I have a lot of revising to do, not to mention more drawings, but it feels good to have it underway. The dogs went to the groomers and now look really spiffy. It is very cold out and when Lance came to clean the pond filters we discovered that two of the three hoses were frozen. Thankfully one of them worked. I read more of The Book Seller, which I am really enjoying. Time to call it a day.

laying out
my haiku book
dogs to the groomers
reading The Book Seller
a very cold day

4 thoughts on “Monday January 14, 2013

  1. Wow, another book in the works already?That’s great.

    Will you be drawing the illustrations yourself? I’m envious of people who have that ability. All I can manage are stick figures. 🙂

  2. I decided to make a book from last year’s haiku. I discovered that when read in order it really captures the year. And I too can’t draw anything but stick figures, but I have always enjoyed doodling and I have decided to put my doodles on the pages separating the months, and I’ve even discovered Zentangle, which I think is my answer to drawing! We’ll see.

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