Wednesday January 16, 2013

It has been a busy day, as Wednesdays tend to be. I worked with two students at Student Link and that was very rewarding. After a quick lunch I headed out to teach bridge and our lesson was on a bridge convention used to explore slam bids. I was pleased to realize how much they have learned in the years that I have been teaching the class. After that Dr. Nell came over to check on Oliver and found thankfully that he is doing better. It appears as if the anti-anxiety meds are also kicking in, although vet visits are not any animals favorite time. Time to call it a day.

tutoring at
Student Link
teaching bridge
at the Senior Center
the ice starts melting

One thought on “Wednesday January 16, 2013

  1. Oliver has global anxiety and shakes all the time, even when no one is here, jumping and running to the bedroom at the slightest sound, and it is affecting his overall health. And I know from personal experience what it feels like to live in fear, so I decided that something needed to be done to help him, and Nell agreed. His current medication seems to have finally started to help. There are apparently no side effects. Miss you too!

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