January 18, 2013

Thankfully the weekend has arrived. This has been a most stressful week and I shall definitely spend the weekend relaxing. I do hope to read through my haiku so I will be closer to submitting the manuscript as one thing I did today was have a phone conference with my publisher and I’m now set up for “A Year of Haiku.” I’d wanted to do 12 color doodles, one for each month, but that would mean the book would have cost over $30 when printed and I really didn’t think anyone would pay that, so I am reluctantly settling on black and white. This means I need to do 12 drawings as well, 13 if I want one on the title page. Anyway, in addition to the phone conference I also went to my therapy appointment and then met with a student. I was asked yesterday for an explanation of Student Link so thought others might also be wondering how it works. It is similar to home schooling in that the students don’t attend regular classes, but unlike home schooling where the parents are providing the supervision and instruction, Student Link requires the students to supervise themselves with independent learning. They must document 25 hours of school work a week and they learn independently. They each meet every week one-on-one for an hour with our only teacher. I am there three mornings a week to provide academic assistance as needed, usually in math. Otherwise, the students are totally responsible for their own education. For those who chose this route, which I’m sure you realize by now is much harder than just showing up and warming a seat in a traditional classroom, it has proven to be an extremely empowering program. It obviously doesn’t work for everyone as the student needs to be self-motivated and disciplined. Every once in awhile, a student needs a bit more time and for whatever reason cannot meet the normal requirements. Sometimes that means they have to find another school, but sometimes, as is the case at the moment for one student, they can be withdrawn from Student Link, work with me instead for awhile until they are ready, and then be re-enrolled to graduate. It doesn’t happen often, but Student Link is done on an individual basis and we treat each student respectfully and try to meet their needs as they work toward their goals. This requires some flexibility, especially when the state is so very inflexible, but that’s our job and I’m happy I can offer that solution. Now it is time to call it a day.

phone conference
with my publisher
a long week ends

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  1. Thanks and the week was just over filled with too much and activities too closely spaced without a lot of warning. It’s fine now. And I hope you are seeing your doctor on Wednesday!! The book is different as I’m adding my own drawings, but easier in that I know what the process entails. I am excited about it all and plan to work mostly on it this weekend! Hugs!

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