Thursday January 24, 2013

Most of my day has been spent tutoring, first at Student Link and later at home. I did have a couple cancelations in the afternoon which meant that I got a break to read Divergent by Veronica Roth, which I am really enjoying. I also ran some errands including finding a new low-fat dog food so that the dogs can have more food without getting fat. It is now pouring rain. Time to call it a day.

morning and afternoon
running errands
reading Divergent
pouring rain

One thought on “Thursday January 24, 2013

  1. “Herd health” is always tricky. I find that with both my dogs and my cats, so we just work for the best we can find. And getting grain free low fat is very tricky. Portion size is, I’m told, the key, and supplementing smaller amounts of food with canned pumpkin, for instance, gives them bulk without calories. It really works well. I am cutting back on my pumpkin because I have a hard time managing cases of it (and in fact I have a bunch if you want to try it–I could send it with Lance on Monday), so I’m looking for a simpler routine with just dry kibble. Good luck to you and hugs back.

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