Monday January 28, 2013

It has been a lovely and exciting day! I finished up my manuscript for my second novel, talked with my publisher, and got the whole process started including uploading the novel without a hitch! That set up my day magnificently! Then Lance and the guys from Kathy’s Corner were here moving plants that had grown and become overcrowded. I always overplant as I lack patience, but I have a large ravine area that can always use more to keep the blackberries at bay, so today many things went down the hill to the ravine and my front yard looks much nicer with more space for things to breathe. This is a wonderful time to do the “rearranging” and so I was very glad to have Lance and the guys for that project. I also had a student to tutor in chemistry this afternoon so it has been a full day but I feel really good about it all and so glad to have both my books now in the works, the haiku and the novel. Time now for more ‘Hallo, ‘Hallo!

my second novel
to the publisher
tutoring chemistry
drizzly day