Wednesday January 30, 2012

The day started with the news that we have lost another Vashon High School student, this time to a car crash as he was coming home from a study session, possibly caused by swerving to miss a dear. It is the second student to die this year and it has hit this small rural community hard. I worked with a few students at Student Link and tried to be supportive. Then, I had a phone conference with my publisher to discuss my book of haiku, after which I headed out to teach my bridge class and then go to my therapy appointment. It has been a long day and when I got home I found out that Leigh had noticed mold on all my soffits, something that the paint should have protected me from. That means there will be a lot of painting come warm weather (and with a different brand of paint for sure!!). Time now to call it a day.

helping students
with geometry
and bridge
publisher conference