Friday February 1, 2013

I had my therapy appointment and then came home and puttered around the house until my phone conference with my publishers, this time talking about my second novel. Then I had a wonderful meeting with one of my students. He is a musician and I asked him about learning the guitar as I have been thinking about that for awhile now. He is willing to teach me and he advised me on a first guitar that I was able to purchase online and which I should have before next Friday when we meet again. And I gave him a writing assignment as part of his English where he will be writing a short essay aimed at prospective students explaining different guitars and what they need to get started. This student isn’t normally a fan of writing, but he did seem to think that this would work and we were both pretty excited about it all when he left. I hope it does work for him and meanwhile, he assures me he can help me learn guitar and that sounds crazy enough to be good fun. It has been a lovely day here today as well, sunny with nice sunrises and sunsets! One of the advantages I think to this time of year is that I am awake for both these events. Time to call it a day.

therapy appointment
phone conference
with my publisher
tutoring session
a sunny day

One thought on “Friday February 1, 2013

  1. Feel better fast! And yes we have some pretty remarkable students on the island and it is a tragedy to lose any. This year has been tough. I used to play cello when the kids were in school, but never did it well although I enjoyed it. Looking forward to trying the guitar and it is also a way to bond with my students, so win/win. Get well fast! Hugs!

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