Saturday February 2, 2013

I spent much of the day trying to figure out the blurb for the back cover of my haiku book, which I need to have done in about a week. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to come up with 250 words or fewer, but I find it harder to write concisely. I also went to the matinee performance of the new movie, Les Miserables, which was excellent and had me sobbing at the end. I am now watching it on Blu-Ray in a live concert. It is such a powerful musical and I will begin reading the original, Victor Hugo’s novel (translated–my French is very minimal). I haven’t read it for many, many years and I’m now wondering just how faithful the musical is to the original. I got home later than usual and my pets let me know that they needed to be fed first before I did anything else. But now it is time for my dinner!

writing a blurb
for the back cover
of my haiku book
seeing the movie
Les Miserables