Wednesday February 13, 2013

I started the day with a vet visit instead of ending it that way as I usually do.  Laoise needed her annual exam and shots and she is very hard to catch so the plan was to have me catch her when she came out in the morning for breakfast.  I would then put her in one of the dog crates for an hour or so until Dr. Nell and Connie arrived for the exam.  Everything went as planned, although it required that I get up a bit earlier than usual.  Laoise protested loudly for a bit over an hour, but she was good as can be for the exam.  Dr. Nell discovered that Laoise needed her teeth cleaned again and a small lump on her upper back removed.  Thankfully, Dr. Nell was free to do that today and so all of a sudden, Laoise was popped into a cat carrier and off she went with Dr. Nell and Connie.  While Laoise was having fun at Fair Isle, I finished getting ready and headed out to Student Link, came home for a brief time for lunch, and then off to teach my bridge class, go to my therapy appointment, and finally pick up Laoise from Dr. Nell.  Dr. Nell had to remove one very small vestigial tooth which was infected.  The lump was removed and Dr. Nell managed to suture it without using real stitches since catching Laoise is such a big deal.  She also took blood and urine for lab tests.  Laoise is now home sleeping in her special cubby and we are all glad to have this day come to a peaceful end.

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