Friday February 15, 2013

I went off to my therapy appointment after getting my laundry going.  My house, which is usually cleaned on Fridays, won’t be cleaned now until March 8th since the lady who cleans it is in Mexico for spring break with other dental techs from my dentist’s office.  I’m sure they are having fun in the sun, which is very nice for them, and I have to decide just how much cleaning I care to do in the next two weeks.  After my therapy appointment I got my hair cut and stopped in at Island Quilter where I bought a bolt of brightly colored fleece which I thought Calliope might like.  I’ve covered my recliner with it and it is very soft and cheery.  I also stopped at Pandora’s box and got a few more pieces of cat furniture which are shorter and hopefully will help Calliope so she isn’t tempted to jump so far.  I think her leg is some better today, thankfully.  After I got home I got my laundry partially folded and the rest shifted before my student arrived.  His computer was down so we didn’t have work to look at, but he brought his guitar which is identical to mine and he taught me some chords and how to tune with my tuner.  I found it wonderful to see how great the guitar can sound when played well.  He thought it was nice that he could give me a to-do list, just as I do for him.  Now it is time to fold the rest of the laundry and feed us all.

therapy appointment
haircut and errands
first guitar lesson
student turns teacher
warm sunny day