Saturday February 23, 2013

I have decided I must get on with the set of seven quilts that Vashon Youth and Family Services requested before the holidays. I laid out the four smallest some time ago and actually pieced three of the tops. But today I got back at it in earnest. I quilted for five hours without a break today and am now very tired. But I planned the last three quilts, sewed 96 squares from triangles, sewed strips for the interior part of the design, and finally pieced one of the tops. I hope to do the other two tomorrow and that will leave just one, the one which I have already laid out. This weekend is a bit shorter than usual because next week Student Link’s Thursday will come on Monday. We will be open Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, instead of the usual Tues-Thurs. This will make next weekend longer sort of, but not as much as it might seem because I tutor a number of students on Thursday afternoon. Nevertheless, I hope to continue my quilting marathon again then and with any luck, I soon will have the seven quilts completed.

five hours
without break
in my recliner

4 thoughts on “Saturday February 23, 2013

  1. You’re welcome.

    Your quilts must bring so much joy to the families who receive them. There’s nothing like wrapping oneself in a beautiful, warm blanket. 🙂

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