Monday February 25, 2013

Thanks to my wonderful fur friends who run my home, I was up shortly after 7 and I was able to pick and cut seven flannels for the backs of my Vashon Youth and Family Services quilts. I got the fabric into the wash before leaving for Student Link for the morning. It seemed odd to go in on a Monday, but for this week Thursday happens on Monday. I came home and moved the flannel into the dryer before going outside to enjoy the sun and pick up dog poop. I cut all the binding strips for the quilts, then sewed all seven backs, assembled the quilts and pinned them all. Then, thankfully, before I could push myself further, I received an e-mail from one of my students asking me to go over a paper he has to turn in tomorrow. I was then able to spend the rest of the afternoon in my recliner marking his paper and e-mailing him my comments.

flannel cut
for seven quilts
washed and sewn
seven backs and batting
seven quilts pinned